Potager Cafe: The Nice Price

September 6, 2016 | admin

One of the most unique restaurants in Arlington also has a unique payment system. This small eatery urges diners to “ask for only as much as you can eat and pay what you feel it was worth.” There’s no set menu, just eight to 10 different dishes a day, available in whatever size you feel like. There is a suggested price list, so you can have some idea of what you should shell out.

Regulars say the food here is spectacular – some favorite dishes include the quiches (try the carrot and brie) and oven-baked chicken. The house-made flatbreads are also delicious, according to online reviews. The chefs source many of their ingredients from local providers, heading out to Gnismer Farm in the morning for fruits and vegetables and getting meats from Burgundy Beef and Livestock First Ranch. Keep in mind that they don’t accept credit or debit cards – it’s cash or check only.

Potager Cafe
315 S. Mesquite Street
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 861-2292

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