Beirut Rock Cafe: Begin with the Baba Ganoosh

July 26, 2016 | admin

Mediterranean fare is distinguished by its fresh, colorful ingredients and heavy use of healthy fats (think olive oil), and those are precisely what you'll find on the menu at Beirut Rock Cafe. The emphasis on veggies and herbs shows up right away in the appetizers, such as baba ganoosh. A customer favorite, this light starter showcases grilled eggplant, tahini, garlic, and lemon juice all blended together and drizzled with olive oil. The resulting spread is perfect for dipping pita bread.

Don't fill up on the baba ganoosh, though, because customers rave about the entrees just as much. The chicken shawarma, in particular, deserves a spotlight, according to patrons. The gyro sandwich earns their praise as well. But if neither of these are unique enough for you, dig into one of Beirut Rock Cafe's savory baked pies. One comes filled with spinach and onions, whereas another features sheep's cheese, and a third creation comes stuffed with ground lamb meat.

Beirut Rock Cafe
1201 S. Cooper Street
Arlington, TX 76004
(817) 860-5499

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