Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

December 9, 2015 | admin

If you find yourself pressed for time once the alarm clock rings, these make-ahead breakfasts may just be the solutions to your busy mornings. Best of all? Some are so portable that you can even eat them as you dash out the door!

Oatmeal With Apricots and Raisins []
It takes quite a while to boil water and cook oatmeal on the stovetop, but with this pre-planned recipe you can whip up a whole batch of oatmeal for the entire week. With low-fat milk, dried apricots, and roasted almonds inside, it also offers a healthy boost first thing in the morning.

Herby Frittata with Vegetables and Goat Cheese []
If you love eating eggs for breakfast, this make-ahead frittata is the perfect choice. It’s filled with savory goat cheese and fresh herbs, as well as colorful veggies that offer essential nutrients that will keep you feeling even more energized than that cup of coffee.

Crunchy Cashew Sesame Bars []
Instead of stocking up on store-bought granola bars, make your own much more delicious (and nutritious) options. These cashew and sesame options have much more complex flavors than the standard breakfast bar, but they’re just as easy to grab on busy mornings.

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